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Our recycle teak wood mainly come from these old Javanese houses shown below, which can mainly be found in East and Central Java and is estimated to be 120-150 years old. There are many of these houses in Indonesia, some of them can be even older than 150 years. 

Javanese house has it's special construction features and requirements for instance, the number of pillars in the house would show the house hold status in the society : the 4 way water running roof top indicates the 4 directions i.e. east, west, south and north and the facing of the house would be a symbol for a peaceful and harmonious daily life.

In the olden times, the javanese used teak wood to build their houses as this kind of wood was easiest to get from surroundings and could stanbd the humid, wet and hot weather.

However after the earth quake in year 2006 in Central Java, a lot of these houses have been damaged and the people then change and rebuild their houses using concrete and bricks. Furthermore many of these Javanese houses are now too old and considered to be unsafe for living, thus increase the stock of the old teak.



This furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made of the wood from old ships which are around 50-100 years old. Using old wood, you save the environment and also you get a unique piece i.e. every piece is handmade and no two pieces are alike.

Please note that when you unpack this furniture, some mould/fungi may be found : yet there is no influence on quality as it can easily be removed with soap and water. This is mainly due to the humidity in the wood since the wood has been in the sea for over 50 years.

The holes and cracks of the wood in the furniture were resulted from bolts when fixing the woood planks together in making the ship and the general wear and tear process over the past 50 years. This will only make your furniture more unique though some pieces may have more holes and cracks than the others.

Due to the fact that the wood has been in the sea for over 50 years, the wood might have a small content of salt in it. This would become some white spots when exposed in the sun how ever these spots will not affect the quality of the furniture and can easily be removed with soap and water.

Below please see some pictures that we have taken before we dismantle the raw material to make your unique piece of furniture.